Our first K9 Presentation

Our team was invited to the Oswego County SPCA Woofstock Event. We went there, build up the stand an were asked to perform a presentation. Since it was that short notice we had to improvise but due to good teamwork we pulled it off and it went awesome. People were so thrilled and some missed the show, that they asked us if we did a second one and so we did. 
Indra went out to search, went to the cameraman, came back but did not indicate, then she picked up the scent and went straight to the Helper. I am so proud of my little girl that she performed great in front of an audience that big, with lots of dogs and all that noise.
Personally, I was pretty darn nervous inside, since that was my first K9 presentation but it looks like it was the first of many more to come and Indra doesn’t mind the attention at all. She loves being in the center of attention.