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Team Training

Last Sunday we started our team training with one of the best, if not the best, trainer ny has to offer. One thing I like about the trainer is her brutal honesty. She does not hold anything back and does not accept any kind of bs. She is highly professional and expects the same from her students. Especially from us since we are involved with sar and literally represantatives of our team and have to deal with public perception.

So if I am riding around with a bunch of dogs in my car I can’t have them barking frantically in there because it leaves a very bad impression to the public. However, keeping them from doing that is not all that easy because they are feeding off of each other. They literally build each other up.feed off each others excitement and end up rambling in the car. Two together work. Three, it depends which three I put together. If Judge is in the car I can forget about it. He is the worst of all. Very very vocal, super easy excited and very hard to calm down. The new trainer showed us a training method how to teach the dogs self control in these kind of situations. I wonder why I didn’t about it myself. It is such a simple concept and all it requires is food, patience and consistency, which I have been lacking in the past months. Anyhow, in the past two days I have worked on those crate games and seen the first results already. I must say they are a god sent. Especially since it does teach self control and is also one more step towards directionals. Thankfully, due to the akc grant, our team has received, we can afford to take classes with her and I am truly thankful for the opportunity. 

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Fun Search

My friend hid in a helicopter and I sent Indra. We are going at odd, higher places and keep it short and fun for her.
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Nala vom Kassler Kreuz – Hunt Drive

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Yet, another Hunt Drive Video

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The Attack of the Shepherd

My friend from Dogs for Defense came out to last weeks SAR training. The training itself didn’t go as well as I thought it would. We reached a point where we definitely have to get more into the technical stuff. She knows how to search and she’s good at it now it’s me that has to step up to the plate and improve my search tactics but that is part of learning and the training.
Anyhow, after the training we had the dogs running together. My four and her Maliniois. Her brave husband was halfway down the field, she got Ronja ready and then he ran and she let go off her. Of course not only Ronja but all five of them chased him down the field. 
That being said, every single dog on that field has been worked in bitework and sadly a lot of people believe that dogs, that have been worked on a sleeve are evil attack dogs chasing running kids and people to attack which is just not the truth. A sound dog, with stable temperament an rock solid nerves, will not chase a running person and attack, no matter if it is a small kid or a full grown adult. 
A solid dog knows the difference between a friendly chase and a threat. 
When I was on the search in Rochester a guy from another team asked if my new dog was worked on the sleeve and I said “Yes, of course.” and he was like “I disagree with that, aren’t you scared that the dog attacks a running person?” 
Sadly, so many people have a misconception about Bitework and Schutzhund. For my dogs it’s a game. It’s not real. They are primarily worked in prey and not in defense. 
Anyhow, if you think that dogs that have been worked on a sleeve are evil attack dogs and will chase down any running person to take them down….watch and learn because it couldn’t be further from the truth.
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