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tapatalk_1369703131010German Shepherd Dogs have always been part of our family. My parents have been breeding, handling, competing and titling working line German Shepherds long before I was born. More than one dog they produced – Pilot vom Bärenfang, Wotan vom Bärenfang, etc. – became a Legend and went into the history of the breed.

I grew up with dogs like Gildo vom KörbelbachOlko vom BärenfangSatan vom Bärenfang and Garfield vom Bärenfang. Most of my teenage duties revolved around cleaning the kennels, feeding the dogs, exercising, switching them in and out of the runs and socializing the younger dogs.

I’ve been watching my parents train and compete, listening to the stories, learning about dogs, pedigrees and genetics. However, because of us “kids” my parents focused more and more on the horses instead of dogs and so the “Gestuet Neuschloss” was born.

von den Sturmfalken German Shepherd Dogs from Sandra King on Vimeo.

Growing up I’ve always had a dog of my own. Diablo vom Bärenfang, Dixi vom Bärenfang and last but not least Rekja vom Bärenfang.

My main emphasis lies on temperament, environmental stability and rock solid nerves. Too often you see breeders put drive above all. Not me. You can fix drive and grips within a generation. What you can’t fix is temperament or nerves. My own need for a Service Dog and my insight as a Dog Trainer, has shown me exactly what I want in my dogs and what I will absolutely not sacrifice for anything. I want my dogs to be true German Shepherd Dogs – A Jack of all Trades.

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