Dogs need protection from the Public

The city council of Watertown, NY wants to banish dogs from all public events because of one gruesome incident at the farmers market.
While I understand where they are coming from I must take side with the dogs.
I, in no way defend what happened to that little boy but seriously people, when…when do you realize that hanging onto a strange dogs neck to give them a hug is bad idea? Especially if you have never met that dog before?
Since we moved here I had people sneaking up from behind to hug my dog without asking for permission.

The public doesn’t need protection from dogs. Dogs need to be protected from the public!!!

Dogs are put through impossible situations. They can’t just say: Stop, I don’t like that, leave me alone.
All they have are warning signs and if their owner fails to read his dog, bad things happen. Not because you have a bad dog but because your dog reacted like a (drum roll) D.O.G!

So why don’t you do us dog owners a favor:
1. Ask before you pet a dog
2. Don’t give the dog a hug if the owner doesn’t give permission. There is a huge difference between hugging and petting a dog.
3. If you have multiple kids, one kid at a time
4. No squeeking, yelling, jumping up and down
5. Never sneak or run up from behind a dog to pet without permission.

Dogs and their owners have a right to go on a walk without facing the stalking from unruly kids and their parents. How would you like it if I sneaked up from behind your child, hugged and kissed it without your permission? You would probably call it harrassement and I would be arrested as a child molester and end up on the sex offenders list.
How would you feel if you were stopped every five minutes because somebody wants to pet your baby?
Dogs are treated like stuffed animals. The expectations of dogs are out of this world and our dogs are set up for failure on a daily basis because of people who “just want to pet that cute puppy”, and when you tell them “No, please don’t touch my dog”, they look at you like you hurt their feelings.
A friend of mine has a gorgeous black sable gsd. She is asked on a daily basis and says no all the time. She says that he isn’t friendly and yet people proceed “oh that is okay, it doesn’t matter. Can I pet him?”
It is not okay. It does matter. She just said he is not friendly and yet people want to pet him?
Guess what happens if he bit someone? She would be sued and he would possibly be put to sleep.
Yet, its the public that needs protections from dogs? Can you see the notorious pattern here. No, the public doesn’t need protection. The public needs to use common sense. Stop treating dogs like stuffed animals and toys. Stop treating them like humans. Stop applying human rules to dogs. If the public would treat them like dogs and used a little more common sense, accidents like at the farmers market could have been prevented from happening.
And to all dog owners in Watertown: grow some dog sense. Say “No, I don’t want you to pet my dog.”
The child will get over it. And please confine your dogs. Its not cool to run into loose dogs every time I go on a walk.

Team Training

Last Sunday we started our team training with one of the best, if not the best, trainer ny has to offer. One thing I like about the trainer is her brutal honesty. She does not hold anything back and does not accept any kind of bs. She is highly professional and expects the same from her students. Especially from us since we are involved with sar and literally represantatives of our team and have to deal with public perception.

So if I am riding around with a bunch of dogs in my car I can’t have them barking frantically in there because it leaves a very bad impression to the public. However, keeping them from doing that is not all that easy because they are feeding off of each other. They literally build each other up.feed off each others excitement and end up rambling in the car. Two together work. Three, it depends which three I put together. If Judge is in the car I can forget about it. He is the worst of all. Very very vocal, super easy excited and very hard to calm down. The new trainer showed us a training method how to teach the dogs self control in these kind of situations. I wonder why I didn’t about it myself. It is such a simple concept and all it requires is food, patience and consistency, which I have been lacking in the past months. Anyhow, in the past two days I have worked on those crate games and seen the first results already. I must say they are a god sent. Especially since it does teach self control and is also one more step towards directionals. Thankfully, due to the akc grant, our team has received, we can afford to take classes with her and I am truly thankful for the opportunity.