Can’t wait to pick up the new Puppeh!

Well, she’s not a puppy anymore. She’s 15 months old and arriving in the US on thursday. Even though mom said I should wait till next year, both of them were like: “We have a dog for you!” 
Long story short, she turned out to be perfect and now she’s coming to the States. 

3 thoughts on “Can’t wait to pick up the new Puppeh!

  1. First time I've been back in over a year and enjoying all your new posts and videos! I lost my GSD to bloat over a year ago and still am not over it. I am a military wife blogger and liked following your dogs and just couldn't anymore..til now! I just sent a wife to your blog who will be moving to Ft. Drum shortly (and I wanted her to read your housing posts)…that's what made me think of you again! Anyway, stop by for a visit! I'm also on Facebook and Twitter and hope to one day have another GSD back in my life! LOVE THEM!

  2. Hey, welcome back. To be honest, I have not checked your blog in ages as well. I am so sorry that you've lost your German Shepherd. I am so so sorry, it's tough to lose a pet like that, especially to bloat.

    Yeah, our housing search was quite an adventure and you've got to be careful but I love the area. It's very beautiful. Tell your friend that I'll answer any question she's got. 🙂

  3. Thanks again Sandra! Would you mind sharing the kennel you got your latest puppy from? We are still debating getting another German Shepherd and would want one from a German kennel. Or if you have any recommendations. Of course this would be a pet, but I did do a lot of training with our Argos…he was amazing and would love to have another chance…and to fill a hole in all our hearts of course!

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