Two new Fosters

Yesterday I picked up two new fosters. Kia an Chris. Chris is coming out of the same kill shelter Chance was pulled from and Kia used to be on deathrow an got pulled by the rescue and lived with her sister Precious (which just got adopted) at the Pondview Kennel which is where I went yesterday to pick them up. 
The drive was uneventful. Both dogs are easy going, both are extremely friendly dogs, Chris needs to learn some manners though. Both settled right in and made themselves at home.
I did a little clicker work with Chris to check how he is responding and how quickly he learns. It looks like he’s easy to train but I can tell more in a week. He does have a couple of behavioural issues which definitely need to be addressed but I am sure it’ll be easy to get out of him.

Kia is such a sweet soul. Very easy going and she pretty much loves everybody that shows her a little attention. She is definitely a velcro dog and pretty much follows me anywhere I go and she’s definitely a moma dog. 🙂

One thought on “Two new Fosters

  1. I applaud the work you do with these dogs, brava!!

    p.s. do you happen to know the name of the font in your blog posts? I love it.

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