Run Free

For the past six days I’ve had a 15year old Senior dog with me. Rescued him out of the hell hole of Manhattan with the support of a Rescue. He’s been in a very bad condition, worse than the Shelter actually publicly disclosed.
My job was to clean him up, to love him, to give him his dignity back and to let him go (whenever that would be), knowing that somebody cared.
He was dumped by his owners, saying he’s a stray. He was badly neglected, developed kennel cough(canine influenza), just a week ago another dog died from it out of that Shelter and once he started couging and sneezing he went downhill. He got antibiotics, rimadyl and quite a few more medications.
It was heartbreaking to see him falling every couple of steps. He also suffered from DM, he couldn’t get up stairs and I constantly had to help him. It was like caring for a baby. He constantly peed and pooped himself so I always had warm water ready to clean him up.
Wednesday was a good day, he actually started to follow me around as much as he could, he even tried to go through the trash, he was outside inspecting the garden but all of a sudden, during the night, he went downhill fast. His hind-legs gave up while I took him outside to pee and I had to carry him back into the house.
In the morning his front-legs gave up. I was hoping that the day before it was just a little too much and he’s stressed himself too much but during the day his condition worsened. I called the vet, I had made an appointment for today but I called in and said that we’d have to change it. It doesn’t make sense to keep him going like that and to squeeze every single second out of his life.
They knew his condition already and the vet already said Monday that all we do is to buy him time but she’d be surprised if he’d get through the week. He threw up blood, refused to eat for almost three days…
I had to call a cab since hubby had the car and requested somebody who could help me with the dog. He couldn’t even sit up anymore and was twice as heavy. The cab company sent somebody who was scared of dogs so I had to drag him to the car, while doing so, he bit me in the ear but it’s okay. Shit happens. It’s not his fault.
Thankfully the Vet isn’t far away, I usually walk there from our new place. They sent two helpers out with a blue carrier. We lifted him up and put the carrier underneath him, strapped him and lifted him out of the car through a side door. We immediately got a room and I had to sign some papers and paid to euthanize and his cremation.
Five minutes later my vet and a helper came in. I held his head while the Vet gave the injection, balling. He relaxed and it was almost like a relieve went through him. more minutes. They let me stay for a little bit, crying, balling and saying that I was sorry and that he’s free now. That he’s free of pain and from us humans who so badly neglected him.
I took his collar and the leash and requested to go through the backdoor. I didn’t want to go through the foyer where all the other dogs and their owners sat.
Run free, Chance. We’ll meet again.