SAR Winter Survival Training

Yesterday we have had the Winter-Survival Training. We’ve had a great time, not only learning how to start a fire but also how to build a shelter to survive one night out. Since I have a background in the forestry I already knew a couple of things but I have learned a lot, especially about the different ways to start a fire.

We have also learned what is important to carry in your backpack and how to determine what is important and what is only extra weight.

a lighter and an alcohol pad is one way to start a fire šŸ™‚
Cotton Balls dipped in VaselineĀ 
it burns!Ā 
Building our Shelter

After the training we let the dogs out and did a little obedience training & swissies.Ā  Wednesdays we are going to meet up to work out a better and more constructive training program for every single dog.Ā