Snow, Snow, more Snow…

It’s March and it seems like there is no end to the winter. Yesterday it’s been thawing all day long, raining and actually pretty warm. It almost felt like spring was moving in. Today Winter fought back. It’s been snowing all day long and the plowers couldn’t keep up at all. Ft.Drum was ridiculous as always and if it keeps snowing during night, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d lock down the post again, as they did twice before. 
It was so bad that that SAR Training as well as the team meeting was canceled. It was just to dangerous to be out on the road with all the snow and ice-rain coming down.
I am so ready for the snow to be gone…
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3 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, more Snow…

  1. I agree!!!!!

  2. I agree!!!!!

  3. I agree!!!!!

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