V Carro von der Feldweise IPO3 x Deja Vu aus dem Tal AD, GPr1
(one male faded away)
Mating Check/Pedigree
Born: October 10th, 2019

Faux Pas von den Sturmfalken (IPO Home in Wisconsin)
Falcon von den Sturmfalken (IPO Home in Wisconsin)
Fig von den Sturmfalken (IPO Home in Wisconsin)

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7 – 5 V Fado von Karthago SCHH3, FH, IPO 3,

6,6,7 – 6 V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft SchH3 (V-BSP1990)
5,6 – 7 SG Chicco von der Fasanerie SCHH3 (SG-BSP), FH
6 – 6 V Greg von der Zitadellenburg SCHH3,(G-BSP),LGA, FH1
6 – 6 G Hexe vom Geiersnest SchH1

DeJa has Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows. She is DM Clear by Parentage and has been titled in Wisconsin with our friends at MAD Dog Training. She is a very balanced fun little female. She is environmentally rock solid and just a well rounded dog that you can take anywhere without having to worry about a thing.

Carro, known as Arro, is a fun and very powerful dog. He has good hips and normal elbows. Like DeJa he is DM Clear. He went to the Nationals with his handler and owner Max Artemchik. He is an easy going and social house dog that can bring it on the field but is also happy and contend to just spend time with his owner and participate in Dock Diving Events. While we all enjoy powerful grips and prey aggression, you have nothing without steady nerve and balance which is what Arro embodies.

We expect balanced puppies that are suitable for work, sport as well as active pets dogs. Dogs that are social, confident and rock solid environmentally, meaning, we expect dogs that can be taken anywhere from walking through a Farmers Market to going to a Dock Diving Event.

DeJa Vu aus dem Tal from Sandra King on Vimeo.

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