SG DeJa Vu aus dem Tal IGP1 KKL

38612189_2162618143967173_940643407427010560_nSire: Bruno vom Midlicher Land         Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal
Dam: Luna vom Donau-Ries
DeJa Vu’s Pedigree
Born: 12/31/2015
AKC: DN44798607
OFA: Excellent Hips/Normal Elbows
Dentition: Full
DM: Clear by Parentage
Titles: AD, BH, GPr1, IGP1 KKL

DeJa Vu is a stunning solid black longstock coated female with a lot of drive, attitude and spunk. She’s outgoing, confident and has solid nerves. She is fast and agile, has an awesome hunt and food drive which makes her a great dog for detection purposes. She is a more prey oriented dog. From the beginning she was very focused and always wanted to please. She is super sweet with children and an easy dog to live with. She will lounge on the couch with you all day or is ready to go on a hike in the mountains. You can take her anyplace without having to worry about social issues towards dogs or people. She is a super nice all-around dog that can do anything from IPO to Detection. She is happy to do it all, so long she can do it with and for you.


She is linebred 3-4 on Wotan vom Baerenfang (Lex van de Sijsjeslijmer) which gives us 4-5 on Happy vom Baerenfang and 5-6 on Arek vom Stoffelblick. Wotan himself was linebred 3-2 on Gildo vom Koerbelbach. She also brings in Pike von der Schafsbachmuehle and with that Basko vom Flughafenrand. As you can see, we got DeJa with a very specific purpose in mind. She will hopefully be our future breeding female and so far, we couldn’t be happier. DeJa has Excellent Hips and Elbows – she is DM Clear by Parentage. She has passed her AD, BH and the GPr1. After her litter with Arro, we would like to continue to title her in Article Search and maybe even put a Brevet on her.

DeJa Vu aus dem Tal from Sandra King on Vimeo.

Deja Vu aus dem Tal from Sandra King on Vimeo.

Deja Vu aus dem Tal from Sandra King on Vimeo.

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