DeJa Vu aus dem Tal

17156100_10211956666213858_249892622155231951_nSire: Bruno vom Midlicher Land
Dam: Luna vom Donau-Ries
DeJa Vu’s Pedigree
Born: 12/31/2015
AKC: DN44798607
OFA: with two years of age
Dentition: Full
DM: Clear by Parentage

DeJa Vu is a stunning solid black longstock coat female with a lot of drive, attitude and spunk. She’s outgoing, confident and has a rock solid nerve. Her hunt drive is simply phenomenal. From the very beginning she was very focused, driven, wanted to work and please. At 12 weeks she was capable of outworking adult dogs, which is why we have to take it slow with her. With these type of dogs, it is very easy to do too much, too young and the end result is burn out. Instead, we are letting her be a puppy and lay a foundation in detection and do a little shaping here and there with lots of exposure.


She is linebred 3-4 on Wotan vom Baerenfang (Lex van de Sijsjeslijmer) which gives us 4-5 on Happy vom Baerenfang and 5-6 on Arek vom Stoffelblick. Wotan himself was linebred 3-2 on Gildo vom Koerbelbach. She also brings in Pike von der Schafsbachmuehle and with that Basko vom Flughafenrand. As you can see, we got DeJa with a very specific purpose in mind. She will hopefully be our future breeding female and so far, we couldn’t be happier. We’ve just had her prelimed and her hips couldn’t look any better for her age.

In other words, she is a very promising female and we are very excited about having her.

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