Judge – Angular Limb Deformity

If it wasn’t for his angular limb deformity in his front leg, he would be such an amazing working dog. He’s got the drive, he’s got the focus, he’s got it all except for the angular limb deformity he’s suffering from due to an injury in his early puppy stages. 
All of that doesn’t keep him from being a happy, goofy dog though. We’ve also decided to take some of the deployment money to have him undergo the surgery. I’ve talked to so many people and most of the dogs, that underwent the surgery can live a happy, active, working life. Some of those dogs are titled all the way up to SchH3. So there is a good possibility that Judge can live an active lifestyle afterall. One thing that is crucial is the recovery time. Once they broke the bone, and put it back together, it’s absolutely crucial to keep the dog quiet until it’s all healed up. And that’s going to be very interesting with an active dog like Judge. He’s so going to hate it but it’s for his own good.

Judge actually fell asleep in a bowl.

2 thoughts on “Judge – Angular Limb Deformity

  1. Good luck!! My girl has two plates and four screws in one of her paws. We did rehab after she was out of the cast/splint (8 weeks). But it was worth it! She's completely sound and active on that leg. While she was in the splint we put her on Clomicalm (spelling may be wrong) to help her “chill” out. Same problem active dog suddenly house and leash bound.

    Best wishes to a speedy recovery…

  2. Yeah, we might have to do that too, to calm him down. Some working people may disagree since I could probably buy another dog from that kind of money but then again, he's my dog and it's my decision what to do about it. 🙂

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