Indra at the PX Pet Show

Indra and I went to the PX Pet Show today. I wasn’t planning on entering her because I actually went there for the experience and to see how she’s doing around other dogs. So she had her “in training” vest on and we walked into the middle of all of it. She behaved wonderfully, was very laid back, calm, listened to every command and loved being pet by all those people and kids, meet & greet with other dogs.
Basically, she was being a Rock Star. 
After a couple of people said I should enter her, I entered her with the “best dog trick”, “most unusual dog” and “largest dog”. I didn’t really know what to do with the best dog trick so I asked for a Volunteer and we did some Swissies. I wasn’t sure if she would perform because of all the distractions but she was so darn focused that I was completely blown away. It’s like somebody switched her on button. There were dogs and people in the way, right next to her but she did not care about any of that at all and she won. She earned herself a blue ribbon and placed second in the category “most unusual pet” for being a World Traveler. 
It was so much fun and we have to do that more often. Seriously, I forgot how much fun competitions like that are. It’s not about prestige or money or titles, it’s all about having fun with the dog.