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So I am trying to find a vet that offers a reasonable price on hip x-rays because all we need to do is determine whether or not we have him undergo the surgical procedure or not. 
Seems like most of the Vets are trying to take advantage of Judges condition. All I need is a general picture that shows if he has HD or not and they are trying to sell me all kinds of stuff, from Bloodwork to Microchips plus many different angles and OFA. 
All I want is to know if his rear can support him or not and that shouldn’t be more than 200 Dollars at all. Most vets said it’d be around 350 Dollars. We’ve already paid 440 for his elbows and 350 Dollars on top of that makes a total of 790 Dollars and THAT IS ROBBERY!
So for now I am supplementing him with Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM. Keep him quiet and in the house. I do let him out in the garden from time to time but he’s not as crazy as he used to be. I know something is wrong with his rear but I just don’t know if it is compensation or his hips. 
I still don’t know how we are supposed to afford all that. 790 Dollars for simple x-rays, plus all the office fees and every vet wants to ‘establish’ a relationship, and see the dog first, means, office fee, than another appointment, again… office fee and the x-rays. And all that before we even have his procedure started…
I’ve never even heard of an office fee before I moved to the States. One Clinic wanted to charge me the Office fee over the phone because I called them and that is when I hung up… seriously?

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  1. That stinks! Not sure how urban it is where you are, but I love my vet. Small clinic, common sense country approach.

    Mind you, I've had excellent treatment in the major vet centers in a major city.

    Good luck!!

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