A little Obedience

Indra and I never had any formal obedience training at all. What you can see in this video is what we have taught ourselves by recording everything we’ve been doing it and watching it over and over and over again. Anytime I am training the heel, I am recording and literally obsessing over it. I sit there all night long, watching it over and over again, breaking it down and over analyzing what we do.
The thing is, I can see what we do wrong. I can see every mistake I am doing, the problem is, I have nobody that kicks my butt and points it out right there and then. Like when I am opening myself up and she swings her butt around and follows my body… that is my fault but nobody is there to yell at me so I keep my body straight. 
Same with walking faster. She’d be much flashier if I’d walk faster but I have nobody to remind me to walk faster.
Anyhow, we could be much better than we actually are but we could do worse. We are doing okay. Just wished I could go to formal obedience training. However, this is the first time I sent a dog over the hurdle to retrieve and it was more playing anyways. I wanted to see if I ever learned something from watching my parents doing it for years. It went amazingly well but I know that I am way ahead of us. We shouldn’t do stuff like that already. However I am not doing that to compete. Pretty much anything I do is for ourselves.