Watching them grow

It seems like yesterday when I drove all the way to Austria to pick up Indra from the Sattelberg Kennel. She is everything I had hoped and wished for. 
Horst Moosmann, her breeder is one of the most caring breeders I have ever met. It doesn’t matter what kind of question or concerns I have, he’s always ready to answer, When we bought Judge from him, he said that if we had ever any issues and couldn’t keep him for whatever reason, we could always send him back and he’d even pay for the flight if he had to and just enjoys seeing them grow.
Watching Indra grow is an amazing experience. Sometimes I wanted to pull out my hair because she got herself into all kind of trouble. Most of the time I was laughing about her being such a goof and funny girl. It’s amazing to see how they grow, progress and become adult dogs. Especially whey they have such a strong personality and that glow in their eyes.

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