Ignorance is Bliss

Yesterday, I was bored and decided to take Yukon to Ganders Mountain for some windows shopping. I went to the dog-collar section when I crossed way with two guys that checked out the DVD’s. One of them was like “Wow, he’s gorgeous. My mom has three German Shepherds too.” I was like “Thank You.” and let him pet him when he told me that she was breeding and went on to “Yeah, she has white one, a mix and a black&tan one.” and I was like “And she’s really breeding them?” and he said proudly “Yes!”
I didn’t go any further into it and moved on when the Lady from the register was like “Ooooh, he is so gorgeous, can I pet him?” and again, he was petted. She started telling me that she is a German Shepherd lover, that they have had Shepherds for their whole life, that they were breeding them. I asked her if the dogs were titled and she said no and wondered if Yukon was fixed because he was so “mellow” (he laid on the floor waiting for me) and I said “No, he’s not.” and she told me that she didn’t like males because they were so aggressive and territorial and that they had to put one male down because he bit her daughter and that it was because he was a light black&tan and she heard that the lighter and whiter they are, they more aggressive they are.

Now both her parents have a job and they want to get rid of them, hoping they can get a better home because they are kenneled all day long but the SPCA won’t take the bitch because she’s already 4 years old and that would be to old for the SPCA(they are always full and won’t take anyone in over here). I suggested Brightstar Rescue and told her that they are really nice people. It’s a no kill Rescue and they’d get her fixed and find her a new home.

I would have never thought I’d come across two people that are clearly affiliated with BYB’s…. the color/aggression comment somewhat made my head hurt though…

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