SAR Training – Great Bear

Today we went to the Great Bear Recreation Area for SAR training. It sure is a beautiful, beautiful place and I now understand why there is a purpose for snow-shoes.
First we let the young dogs out to let them play and socialize a little. That way they got off a little steam. First M. and his two pups went out to do some run-aways. Then Indra and I got to do swissies. 
Swissies is an exercise where the helper takes the toy, runs away but doesn’t hide.
He’s just going into the opposite direction. Once the dog is ready, you let the dog go, the dog runs to the helper…
… comes back and indicates and then you shout “SHOW ME!” and run, with the dog, to the helper where the dog is rewarded. 
We’ve done mainly obedience in the past week but it sure has paid off. Indra showed some beautiful swissies and she impressed everybody. She’s done an amazing and beautiful job today and I am so proud of her and Judge. He got to do “mini-swissies” today.
I call them mini-swissies because he’s not doing the indicator yet.