Judge is finally home

Wow! What a trip!!!
After my friend couldn’t pick up Judge his breeder agreed to drive him all the way to Frankfurt and hand him over to Petair. He had to be there at 6AM in the morning. It must have taken him like 5-6 hours to get to Frankfurt which is pretty much the same distance we had to get to NY. 
We got up early in the morning. I set the clock for 3AM and around 4AM, Rebekah and I hit the road. It was still snowing and the roads weren’t plowed yet. It took us over two hours to get out of the snow zone but from there on it was a great trip through New York State. The TomTom took us around all the toll roads and we arrived safely in NY City. 
One thing that got us was all the garbage on the side of the road. We both have never seen so much garbage. Tons of garbage. Driving in NY City wasn’t much different from driving on the A5 during Rush Hour. Seriously, it’s like driving on the Autobahn during a traffic jam. 
I am so glad that Rebekah came with me. It was so much easier to make this drive with her than it would have been without her. It didn’t feel as that long of a drive and it was much easier to get through the City since she could take a look at her SmartPhone Navigation while I tried to follow the TomTom which lead us through funny parts of the town.

Judge enjoying the snow today.
Anyhow, after the TomTom lead us somewhere close to the Airport but not directly to the Cargo Area, Rebekah used her Navigation System on her Smart-phone to get us where we needed to go. We found out that we are one hour and 45 minutes early. We decided to go to the next gas station to get some gas and then get some food. We went to a pizza place in the suburbs. It was small and run by actual Italians. We had Pizza that we never ate before and it had an interesting taste. 
Afterwards we walked the dogs, went back to the Cargo Area to find out if Judge has made it. 
The Lady made me sign the papers only to find out that she has given me the wrong papers to sign. After that was corrected we had to drive all the way around JFK to get to the Custom & Boarder Protection. They checked the papers, asked me a bunch of questions and then we were free to go and pick him up. 
Following Indra around

Back in the Lufthansa Cargo Building we heard a puppy cry and we knew it was him. They led me through the door into the back of the hall where three kennels were placed. So Judge wasn’t the only dog shipped via Petair. We carried him outside and let him out of the kennel. Surprisingly he had a collar on. When we shipped the other three we had to take the collars off. Thank god Judge had his on. It would have been a pain to get him out without a collar. Especially since he’s a puppy, not knowing where he is, completely bewildered.
The minute he got out, he had to give hugs&kisses. He was so happy to get out of that kennel to get some love. Once he got his hug he started to play with the leash. We walked around the area to see if he had to potty but he was so happy to get out that he did not think about going potty at all. 
Brother and Sister

We then loaded the Jeep and headed back home. This time we did not avoid the toll-roads. It was a much faster but also pretty expensive way. All in all we spend around 20 Dollars in toll. One time it was 6.50 Dollars, the other time it was 1.25 Dollars and then another 9.45 Dollars. 

We could have taken the Highways but all we wanted was to get home and get him out of the stinking kennel he puked and peed in. Especially since we sat in the same car that now smelled like puppy-puke. I rolled the windows down several times because the smell was kind of overwhelming. Other than that we had a great trip home. 
An hour before we got back to Watertown I was so exhausted and tired that I switched with Rebekah. It was such a joy to stretch my legs and to relax a little. 
We got home a little after 11PM and oh boy… were they hungry. 

An hour later we went to bed. Judge spent the night in the crate and I slept like a rock. I woke up when hubby got ready for PT and then fell back asleep waking up from Judge’s whining. I knew he had to go outside and potty so I got up and let him outside. Good boy. He hasn’t had a single accident yet. 🙂