Shipping Judge…

Can’t anything go right… ever?
A friend of mine was supposed to pick up Judge today and Petair would have picked him up from Heidelberg to ship him to Newark. However, my friends husband was called into work and she let me know via a message that she is unable to drive down there. I can understand why she backed out. She has a baby-boy and she did not want to drive all the way alone but it literally left me with a slight problem to re-arrange the entire “Shipping Judge” story.Β 
I called the breeder to let him know and he offered to take Judge to the Airport himself, All I have to do was to pay his expenses which will still be cheaper than paying Petair to go all the way down there and have them pick him up. I was surprised that he’d offered it at all.Β 
So five minutes ago I got a call from the JFK Airport to confirm that I’d be picking him up there and I was like “Wait a second. I booked NEWARK, not JFK…” so now I am going to JFK to pick up the puppy and I am somewhat frightened to go all the way to New York all by myself.Β 
One thing is for sure, I will be taking at least one dog with me.

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