We are finally out of our old place and moved into the new place. It’s a little crazy with seven (in two days 8) dogs and four people but it’s only temporary. I love the new place. The landlady is, like Rebekah said, amazing. The house is cute and I love the woodwork. All the cabinets and window frames were once handmade by the landladies husband. 
It’s quiet. 3.18 AM. Audie is on the couch and I let mine out of the crate to so they can enjoy a little bit of freedom to either wander around or lay down where they want. It’s the best time, everything is quiet and they don’t get in each others way. Right now, because it’s so cramped, they don’t have a place where they can retreat to, so it’s a little different than usual. The only place where they have their own space is the crate. 

Rebekah and her husband are moving out soon and it does make me a little sad that they are leaving. But thats the Army life. Once you get to know new, great people, they have to move on but I wouldn’t be surprised if we would run into them again. The Army is small.
Also, I can’t wait to get back into training. The dogs seriously need to be worked. They already start acting up like little kids.  Don’t listen as well as they usually do and simply lack manners. I can understand though. Moving from Germany to the US, moving twice within a month, crated for hours, no training for at least three months in a row because they stayed at my parents for most of the time, once our furniture was gone.  No wonder they are acting up. I’d be acting up too. 
Because we have that many dogs in here we are rotating them in the crates. So mine are crated as well as Rebekah’s little dogs. While I don’t like the whole crating thing it’s necessary. I hate to see the little ones crated just as much as I hate mine crated but right now we don’t have a choice and since it’s temporary I’ll get over it and the dogs will get over it too. 
I do make sure that they get out as much as possible so they can stretch and run but the main reason, why they act up is because of the serious lack of training. The mental stimulation is missing and that is what makes them bored and rambunctious. 

So today will be a good day. Because today we are going to the SAR training and I’ll be taking all three of them. Indra is the one that is being trained but I doubt that we’ll do much training since it’s the first day. But it’ll be good to have all three of them in a new environment, lots of new people, new dogs, training environment. That alone is a lot of stimulation. Let’s see how it’ll all work out.

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