Saturday – Dog – Training

Saturday I went to the club to train the dogs. It’s been actually a while that I went there with my old ones. I didn’t go there all winter and returned when I got Indra. I wanted Yukon to fully recover from all his fears, went to different Clubs, checked out how they worked, went on the tracking Seminar and mainly worked for myself and taught him funny tricks. He had to get rid of most of his fears. Whenever I raised my voice, he ducked. Whenever I said “Platz” (down) he would not only duck but literally fall apart. He was so scared that I’d do something bad to him. He had to get more secure around other dogs. I wanted him to play more, to be able to walk in a group of people without jumping and socialize him more.

The day my husbands Battalion had the steeple chase was our very own graduation day. I was able to walk with him in a large group of people, mainly men, without him falling apart, jumping or ducking. So he is good to go now.

This is one way to train the command “HIER!” (come!)

Zenzy sitting in the “attention” mode
(that is how I call it)

Hier! Besser, besser, besser! Hier!
(Come, better, better, better! Come!)

Hubby and Indra in the puppy class

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