Indra went Tracking

Silke Ruenz invited me to a tracking event and since I wanted to get Indra started under Silkes supervision I decided to take her instead of the other two. It was a two hour drive to get there and that is a lot for a three month old pup. Once we got there I took her out of the car. She was sleepy yet excited to see new people.

Everybody had a cup of coffee and than we went into the country site to lay our tracks. That took another 1-2 hours.


The first track was a disaster. She didn’t like to pick up the food which surprised me because usually she eats that food like a vacuum cleaner. She did not like it at all. She was literally not herself and Silke did something that they usually don’t do. We broke up. We had to. She didn’t get the connection between the track and the food so we had to break it up.
One of the guys offered me some dog sausage and I laid another track with the sausage. It’s softer and has a strong smell.


She was doing much much better but I wasn’t surprised that she had a hard time to concentrate. She’s three months old, was laying in the car for nearly five hours, it was hot outside and you can’t expect from a three months old puppy to connect the dots right away, it’s like sending a one year old into algebra classes.


Next time I’d prefer a place that isn’t to far away and where she doesn’t have to sit and wait in the car for hours. However, I was glad to have Silkes supervision, she corrected a couple of things and showed me how to do it better, so I learned something afterall.

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