Yukon vom Bärenfang

R.I.P 2.11.2004 – 13.06. 2016

Sire: Orkan von der Maineiche
Dam: Labrini vom Bärenfang
HD/ED A-Normal
Dentition: Full
DM: Carrier
ZW: 85
SZ 2158757 UKC: P777423 AKC: DN43410101

Yukon is out of my parents’ kennel and my Heart Dog. He comes from strong old West German Working Lines. He has a beautiful red and black sable coat with rich pigment. He is a very social and biddable dog, driven, safe around kids and great with cats. He enjoys to go Hiking, Agility, Obedience, Detection work and Tracking. He is the Senior of the pack and enjoys his well earned retirement.


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