Black Jack’s MaDeuce

003 BlackJack’s MaDeuce

MaDeuce has been rehomed with one of my best friends who is a Military K9 Handler and a fantastic match for our crazy little Malinois.

MaDeuce is out of the BlackJack Malinois Kennel in Mississipi and a little over a year old.

We are still waiting for her pedigree from the CKC. Her previous owner had two females that, once they matured, got into a very bad fight. The previous owner didn’t want to take any chances and with a heavy heart, decided to re-home MaDeuce.

A friend of mine contacted us and asked if we were interested in a spunky little Malinois. Long story short, two days later, MaDeuce moved in with us and ever since, she’s been part of our family.

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