Puppy Outings

The last few days were very eventful. On Friday we met up with my good friend and teammate from my old team to have a BBQ. She has a Litle House Dog from Dawn. Blitz is out of Henna C and drop dead gorgeous. I love everything about him. He was not easy to handle but she stuck it out and he turned into a wonderful dog.

She was not sure how he would be around the puppies but he was wonderful.

All the dogs, the whole pack, my five and my friends Blitz were out that evening having a bast. It was a great outing.

The next day, the PX had a Pet Show Event called Patriot Pets. You dress up your dog as your favorite superhero and then your picture is taken. The Event was inside the PX so I used the opportunity to take both the puppies because when do you ever have the chance to take the pups into a Mall Type Setting?
Again, they were confident, outgoing, social and settled in downtimes. They had a blast and soaked up all the attention.

Also, both puppies are in the local CGC Class. I wanted to do the Star Puppy but unfortunately that is not available so we are going for the CGC and Star Puppy. It’s a group of 10 dogs. They walked in there and literally owned the place (Each on their own. One waits in his/her crate while the other is out, of course. I take each of them out on their own adventures so they get exposure by themselves because the last thing I want is siblings that depend on each other ;)). Settled wonderfully during the waiting period and performed better than quite a few of the adult dogs that were present but then again, they are puppies and we all know what happens when they hit the 6-7 Month period. đŸ˜‰
We’ve also joined the Show Handling Class, so I learn how to stack and handle them for AKC Show Events.

Enough talking, though. Here are the pictures.

Blitz hitting it off with AthosDSCN2172

Puppies at the PX and they couldn’t have be more relaxed.


Having their Picture taken for the Patriot Pet.


And after that we went out to our general training area and for a walk with Daddy Yukon. For a 10 year old Senior, he sure has a lot of spunk and boy does he loooove his puppies.


Like Father, like Son.


Handsome Yukon

Cute as a Button – and she knows it too – Asia.


And very handsome hunkilicious Athos.


And a final perk, Nala and Indra.


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