Gizmo the Foster Dog

Remember Gizmo, the dog that I had found on Craigslist?

When he first moved in we didn’t have an official Rescue Group backing him up. He was extremely dog aggressive and for the first two weeks I couldn’t take the muzzle off whatsoever.

Now he is sponsored by the German Shepherd Rescue of Central New York and has his own page. He was neutered and is available for adoption. Until adoption he will stay with us as an official Foster Dog.

He has made an amazing transformation, from dog aggressive to a great family pet/companion dog. He is absolutely phenomenal with kids (Facebook Video of Gizmo playing with Kids.) He is supplemented with Coconut Oil and Garlic from Bug Off for Tick Prevention. The Coconut Oil has made such a big difference in his coat. When he first came it was dull and had no shine whatsoever, look at him now. Isn’t he a beautiful orange/red sable?

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