Yay, it’s out!

Thursday the wisdom tooth was surgically removed. I found a dentist via recommendation, called them and got an appointment for the very next day. Thursday morning I went to Great Bend and a young, good looking guy, treated me right away. He’s tried for an hour to remove that tooth and when he couldn’t get it out he decided to make some cuts to extract it surgically. Then he stitched me up, I paid my share and made an appointment for next month for the cleaning.
The painkillers on the other hand had such serious side effects that I ended up in the ER, on an IV, for almost six hours, getting fluid pumped into my body. I would have never thought that dehydration could happen so fast. I got “orders” not to do anything over the weekend and simply rest because if I overdo it, they’d fear I’d get a set-back but of course I couldn’t just do that. I already signed up for that Seminar the day after and I just had to go there. Who listens to the doctors when it’s about the dogs? You? Definitely not me… 
The Seminar was a full success, we’ve learned a lot and what helped a lot is that Indra has some solid obedience on her. In the beginning we were quite uncoordinated but throughout the Seminar we figured it out and in the end she was able to do Serpentine Jumps quite well. 
She also was one of the few dogs that actually held up endurance wise. Most of the other dogs were simply not in the shape to perform during such a heat and I just don’t get it. You’d think that especially Agility people care about their dogs endurance. All it would take is bike riding. Even if it’s just 15-30 minutes each day, it makes a significant difference on the physical endurance. 
Anyhow, today we would have had SAR Team Training but I decided to stay home because I didn’t want to push it. Plus my neck and chest got burned badly. I was outside, cleaning out the pool when my neighbors from next door invited me over and that’s when the next adventure begun. 
His wife and him had some family over and his nephew was playing with a football. He threw it too far and it went into very heavy brush. He searched that ball for half an hour and his family tried helping but they couldn’t find it.
So I told them that I’d get Indra and if anyone could find that ball, it was her. Especially since we heavily trained the Hunt Drive lately.

So I got her, put her into a sit, facing the brush and gave the search command. She followed the scent, which was all over the place, circling the area, closing in on the Football. Within three minutes she recovered the ball and impressed the crowd. Our neighbor wanted to reward her with a Hamburger but she much rather wanted the Football, which was impossible of course but she did leave her teethmarks in it.
She ate her hamburger and then she saw IT and it was love at first sight. The mega-super-big-waterball in the pool. Boy, did she want that ball. She stared it down, trying to summon it to her, since she was leashed and couldn’t just jump into the pool.

Anyhow, they all thanked her for the recovery and I guess she made new friends.

I’m telling you, Lassie is an Amateur, Indra is the real thing.  :p

And yah, I am not bragging at all. Wouldn’t come to my mind, I am a very humble person, can you tell?. LOL

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