Moving, once again

We closed on the house yesterday and will be moving right away. 
The doggies love their new home and yard, you should have seen them. They couldn’t wait to get through the door to inspect their new home, running up and down the stairs, running through the backyard, checking out the new neighborhood. 
We got to meet some of our neighbors and it looks like it’s the Wisteria Lane for the middle class, LOL. 
Anyhow, will post more about our new place soon and provide ya’ll with pictures once we moved the stuff in. 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Moving, once again

  1. Ice Dragon

    Looking forward for more information on your new home :-).

  2. hey there, I love love love the place and the neighborhood. I am really happy. Plus we have a Sheriff next door, so we are super safe 😀

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