Farewell my friends, Farewell!

I am not good at saying good bye and this one is going to be tough. We became such good friends and I got so used to Audie that it’s going to be very quiet without him. It’s been quite an experience to have him around. He’s a big ole’baby and spends most of his life on the couch or in bed.
For three months we gave Audie a home. When they came back we shared a house with them and the rest of the dogs. So for a month we’ve had seven dogs in the house and I am surprised how well they got along with each other. Three Dachshunds, one Great Dane and three German Shepherds make an interesting pack. 
It was never boring, there was always something going on and I am really going to miss them. 
So yeah, they are going to leave tomorrow. Not sure when we will meet again but the military world is a small world and I am sure we’ll meet again. Bekah, is definitely one of my best friends in the US and I am happy to call her a friend. 
Have a safe trip to Georgia, we will meet again. If it gets to boring, I simply pack up the dogs and come for a visit 😉

2 thoughts on “Farewell my friends, Farewell!

  1. I haven't been keeping up with ur blog since I've been here and I just read the latest post and I want to bawl my eyes out now! 😦

  2. I know. It's going to be a sad day tomorrow. What are we going to do without you?

    What is Indra going to do without Audie and Duncan? They will probably miss each other very much, just as much I am going to miss you.

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