Our 2nd Greg Doud Workshop

We went to our 2nd Greg Doud workshop. It’s a long drive to Albany but totally worth it. Indra is doing surprisingly well, especially since she has limited experience in bitework. The last workshop was in January and before that she’s only been worked around a month (as a puppy) during summertime.
I got to see Debbie Zappia working a Rottweiler, Doberman and a Shepherd. She’s a completely different league and it was amazing how Greg and Debbie worked the dogs. I learned a lot just from watching them, especially about praise, markers, and clear commands. 
Judge was a riot. Everybody had so much fun watching him. Especially since he didn’t really know what to do in the beginning. He hadn’t done any bite-work before the workshop. I used his ball-drive for SAR and didn’t tug with him at all. I wanted somebody, who really knows what he’s doing, work him for the first time. since he’s so young and just got out of teething You could tell from the beginning that he’s got it in him. He knew he had to do something and barked and barked and barked some more until it made “click” and he bit. First he played with the tug, than he learned to actually tug and hold onto it, so you couldn’t simply take it out from under him by pulling on the lead.
This is Judges 3rd Session with Greg and it’s amazing what he has learned just within those three sessions.