Hubby and Yukon are finally stateside

We got up around 4.30AM.
My husband checked his luggage and that he’s got everything he needs. I put Yukons vaccination record, the money and health certificate into a ziplock bag and he put it into his backpack. Around 5.30 we packed the car. I took Yukon on a short walk so he could pee and poo for the last time before the airport.
Mom drove us.
The Autobahn was completely empty and we arrived at the Airport within an hour.
We handcarried the kennel and used an elevator to get up to the Terminal. We put the kennel on one of those luggage trolleys and I had Yukon on the leash. He behaved very well but he knew that something was up. Something unusual. He was all excited.
When we arrived at the Check In one of the ladies said that the kennel was too small for Yukon and we are talking about an XL German Shepherd Kennel. A Kennel that costs over 200 Euro in Germany and was more expensive than shipping the dog itself.

He could walk comfortably in and out. He laid comfortably down, had enough space to turn around and sit but they still said it’s too small and got a Vet. They even wanted us to buy a bigger kennel, the ones that you usually ship St.Bernards with, to ship him from Frankfurt to Chicago. In Chicago my husband would have had to put the XL kennel together and switch kennels because the connecting flight didn’t allow XXL kennels. On top of that we had to take off the collar and I asked the Vet if she was serious and expected my husband to get the dog out of the kennel, without a collar, and put him into another kennel (at an international airport) so he could be shipped to the final destination.

Come on, these kennels are big enough for a German Shepherd. What kind of kennel do they expect for a Great Dane if a German Shepherd sized Kennel isn’t good enough for a GSD anymore?

Also, I personally think that it is too dangerous to have a dog in a kennel, on an airplane and international airport without a collar.

In the end we were allowed to ship Yukon in his XL crate but they told us that the other two dogs would have to be shipped in XXL crates. We are talking about bitches. Two bitches that are smaller than the male and Yukon isn’t even that big. My youngest bitch doesn’t even have 70 pounds yet and they want me to put her into a crate that’s made for a St.Bernard or Great Dane?

What happened to common sense?

Anyhow, our friend L. picked both, hubby and Yukon up from Syracuse. Both safely arrived. They then got in contact with Chris from DFDK9, who picked him up to take him in for a couple of days until hubby can move into our new home.

Since I have to get two XXL kennels (which will be more expensive then shipping the dogs) I can’t even fly into Syracuse. I have to fly to NEWARK and then rent a car to drive all the way to Ft.Drum all by myself.

Even though we’ve planned everything beforehand we had to change plans, once again.
So Indra and Zenzy are going with me and Judge will join us in January since he’s still with his breeder.

I hope that Yukon will recover from the entire thing and behave well at Chris’s place. šŸ™‚

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