Indra & Castle Illumination

Sunday evening we decided to go to the Castle Illumination, downtown Heidelberg and I took Indra along. I wanted to see how she reacts to all the noises, fireworks and in a big crowd of people. We got there ten minutes before the fireworks went of.
Hundreds of people went down to the river and we were right in the middle of the crowd. Indra was fine. Then two fireworks went off and it was literally like two bombs went off. She was still fine, than a minute later all hell broke lose.

Castle Illumination and fireworks – Artisan Market on the Neckar River

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One firework after another shot in the air, it sounded like canons, grenades and bombs went off. First she was startled and I thought that it might have been a mistake to take her but she recovered so fast that she sat down and watched. I was so proud of my little girl that I wanted to burst.