The dogs at the PX

It’s time to brag about the dogs again. Whenever ever I walk out the door with one or all three of them I get at least one compliment and it can totally make your day.

Saturday, a day after my husband put Diesel into the car we took all three dogs and walked to the PX. Since we didn’t have the car we figured we could simply walk there and take the dogs along. We took the long route through the garden-lots so we could let them roam a little before we had to walk through the town to get there.

It was a nice day, sunny, warm, simply perfect for a walk like that. Once we got there I gave them water (always have the bowl and water with me), sat down on the bench and waited for hubby to get some lunch. The dogs eventually laid down and relaxed. I wished I had the camera with me. I wished I would have recorded or at least taken pictures of how very well behaved they were but the charger was in the car and the cameras battery so low that it didn’t make any sense to take it with me. However, that day they truly were remarkable ambassadors for their breed. At least three people stopped to ask questions about the German Shepherd breed. One Lady has two Shepherd mixes and thinks about getting a purebred Shepherd. Another Lady has a cat at home and asked if they are fine with cats and I told her that we once found a little baby cat and that the dogs got used to the cat in like a week (even Zenzy and that means something) and the third Lady had a Golden Retriever which died like a year ago and is now ready for a new dog and was thinking about the Shepherd breed.

I told them that I am completely biased. They asked if they are okay with other dogs, if they are aggressive, how they are with cats, kids etc. and I told them what I know from my experience. They are good with kids and other people, that one of mine is not so good with other dogs but that doesn’t have to do anything with the breed, that Shepherds are usually velcro dogs, easy to train but since they are big dogs they need training and lots of socialization from the first day you get them. That working line dogs, like mine need a lot of exercise because they are high energy dogs and during all the time they just laid there and waited patiently until we were ready to go.

Afterwards we went to the car dealership because I saw a car that I am interested in. It’s the new Dodge Grand Caravan. Man, I fell in love with that car and we wanted to take a look at it.

Guess what Zenzy did when the Car Dealer opened the trunk. SHE JUMPED RIGHT IN! Haha. She just loves riding in cars. Anyhow, I wished we would have taken the Caravan instead of the Jeep Compass. The Caravan has everything we need. Especially with three dogs it would be the perfect car, so we are thinking about trading the Jeep in.

Anyhow, after we all had a good laugh about Zenzy I told the dogs to lay down and to stay. Indra looked bored, extremely bored but she listened and I was so proud of them. I couldn’t be more proud of each of them.