Preparing for Training

It doesn’t matter if I go to Agility, Obedience, Puppy Class, Tracking or to Schutzhund Training there are a few things that I always take with me.

The reflection vest is for my dogs and my safety. I have a couple of different leashes so I can pick the appropriate leash. The treats should be something that your dog only gets when he is in training. It is supposed to be something special. Mine love mozarella stick cheese and they only get it in training. What ever you use, make sure that it is small enough so they can eat and swallow it quickly.
I NEVER leave the house without a clicker! I also carry the vaccination pass of all three dogs with me at all time. Never leave the house without water for you and your dogs. It’s vital, especially on hot days. I usually have five + gallons in the car and make sure that I never run out of water. Even on remote training days it is so very important that you keep your dogs and yourself hydrated.

If you use sausage or cheese keep the treats cool so that they don’t go bad on hot days.
The toys you see in the picture are only used on training days.

Dogs are not stupid. They watch and study you 24/7 and when you pack your bag they will know that’s it’s time to work!
As soon as I cut up the cheese mine get all excited and can’t wait to get to the club.