Flu, Car and back to school…

I still have the flu and high temperature. I just hope I am not going to be sick during the Holidays because we have planned the Christmas Dinner for Single Soldiers. So I really really hope I will be fine and well so I can organize that whole thing and cook the food because going to the mall yesterday was pretty exhausting.

We are going to pick up our first car on Tuesday. THANKS TO MOMMY AND DADDY!!! They always know where to find a good car. And we both decided that I need to focus on school and get my degree ASAP!!!

Other than that it was a lazy day. I was pretty much watching TV all day long while Quasi was hanging out with our friend William gaming Guild War.

Life will be so much easier when we finally have a car. No more asking around if somebody can take us to the commissary because it’s way out there…

You know, in Germany it is easy not to have a car, but it will make things a lot easier once we have one!!!