I miss my friends…

The first friend I made around here was Scott. We became friends quickly and hang out a lot together. He is with the military and we met in a bar close to post and the student dorm I first lived in. We were very close. That was before I got to know Quasi. Through Scott I met Tom and Tom was the one who introduced me to Quasi.

Scott and me did a lot of stuff together. We traveled a lot and I saw places that I haven’t seen before even though I lived in Europe most of my life.

incredible view

We went to Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Luxembourg and Austria. He took me to my first real Rock Concert (KISS) and we went out a lot. He was my best friend here in town.


I knew he would not stay in Germany and he PCS’ed back to the States a couple of months ago. We are in almost daily contact but I miss him. I honestly miss my friend and I miss my friends from Muenster…. sigh…

I talk to my friends from Muenster almost on a daily basis too but it’s just not the same. I haven’t seen them in over a year and I hoped we could celebrate New Years together. Unfortunately we can’t make it. Instead we are probably going to the bowling center.

Last year I was working in the very same bar where I got to know Scott, Tom and Quasi, so I shouldn’t complain. However, I wished I could hang out with some of my Muenster friends.


Please don’t get me wrong. I am not in love with any of them. I know there are a lot of spouses out there who don’t agree with the fact that a woman can have guy friends. I have and it will never change. I love them to death and miss them greatly.
I know I will make new friends. I am a very open, love to socialize but am a little picky when it comes up to friends. I need to be able to trust somebody before I call him/her a friend but I guess that is human.

Thought of the Day:

Here below to live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

-John Henry Newman


Christmas Dinner for our single Soldiers

I just finished decorating the Dinner Table and made the best use of what I had. I hope that the dinner will turn out as good as the Turkey Dinner we had Thanks Giving.


For dinner I am going to cook ham (pot roast), chicken breast for those that don’t like pork, potatoes, bread dumplings, red cabbage and gravy. Quasi wants his macaroni and cheese and some dirty rice. I have no ideas what the others are going to bring but I am sure we will have enough food to satisfy everybody.

The stockings are sponsored by some very nice TLC Angels from Soldiers’ Angels. I filled them with three oranges, an aple, nuts and candy. That is what my mom always put into the Nikolaus bag for us so I thought it would be nice to have the same for our single Soldiers.


Flu, Car and back to school…

I still have the flu and high temperature. I just hope I am not going to be sick during the Holidays because we have planned the Christmas Dinner for Single Soldiers. So I really really hope I will be fine and well so I can organize that whole thing and cook the food because going to the mall yesterday was pretty exhausting.

We are going to pick up our first car on Tuesday. THANKS TO MOMMY AND DADDY!!! They always know where to find a good car. And we both decided that I need to focus on school and get my degree ASAP!!!

Other than that it was a lazy day. I was pretty much watching TV all day long while Quasi was hanging out with our friend William gaming Guild War.

Life will be so much easier when we finally have a car. No more asking around if somebody can take us to the commissary because it’s way out there…

You know, in Germany it is easy not to have a car, but it will make things a lot easier once we have one!!!


Love the updo

So my friend C made sure I would go to the hairdresser with her. She wanted to make sure I look nice because she knew I was going to be recognized by the Army. C is a Soldier herself and serving with Q. However we went to the hairdresser and I got a nice and beautiful updo. I love love loved it and felt so bad when I had to undo my hair.