I hate when people do this

Something that really pisses me off is when people try to take advantage of me just because I am engaged to an American soldier. They assume that I have access to the PX and the Commissary. Yes we do go there but only when he needs something like a haircut or military clothing or when he is buying the food. We went there together to get the food for Thanksgiving dinner but that is a huuuge difference. Or I make him a list of what I am going to cook for him and his battle buddies and they go to the Commissary. I never make him buying anything there for myself but people assume I do. Now people ask me if I could bring them something and I have not heard from them in forever. That never even thought of me and now all of a sudden that the word is out that I am engaged to an American soldier they all want a frickin turkey or this and that ice cream. They are telling me that they had this or that friend in the Army who took them shopping and it sure wouldn’t be a problem if I took them shopping too.

HELLO???? This is not how it works. I know they all love American food but I don’t even know these people. They are co-workers or some kind of relatives that never really cared. They never even called me once. Not even to my birthday, new years or Christmas so why should I ask my fiancee if he can get them something from the commissary?

I am not going to make him do something that could get us into trouble! PERIOD!!!