French Ring Training

Whenever we have time we are going to the French Ring Club about an hour away from our place. It’s not easy since we only have a car and hubby usually works late so I can’t make it always. However whenever I have time, I am enjoying going there and Indra obviously enjoys it too.

This one was taken at the dog park in Ft.Drum. She actually took the wall. I can’t say how proud I’m about my little girl (yah, I know, she ain’t that little anymore). 

Obedience is coming along

It is still all very basic obedience. I do not use any prong/pinch collars, I don’t use e-collars, all I use is a ball and my voice. Once she’s got a command down you can play with your voice and put a little more pressure into it if necessary. Every now and then a pop on the leash is necessary but I barely use a correction at all. It’s simply not that necessary, I have all the time in the world and right now we are working on the formal retrieve, directionals, come, and the send-away. 
For pet-people this may look impressive but trust me, it’s not. There is far more impressive obedience out there. This is absolutely basic stuff. 

Two new Fosters

Yesterday I picked up two new fosters. Kia an Chris. Chris is coming out of the same kill shelter Chance was pulled from and Kia used to be on deathrow an got pulled by the rescue and lived with her sister Precious (which just got adopted) at the Pondview Kennel which is where I went yesterday to pick them up. 
The drive was uneventful. Both dogs are easy going, both are extremely friendly dogs, Chris needs to learn some manners though. Both settled right in and made themselves at home.
I did a little clicker work with Chris to check how he is responding and how quickly he learns. It looks like he’s easy to train but I can tell more in a week. He does have a couple of behavioural issues which definitely need to be addressed but I am sure it’ll be easy to get out of him.

Kia is such a sweet soul. Very easy going and she pretty much loves everybody that shows her a little attention. She is definitely a velcro dog and pretty much follows me anywhere I go and she’s definitely a moma dog. 🙂