Some work with Athos

Athos and I have been working on something new. He’s learning how to balance on the Fitbone and the disc. The work is to build muscle and core strength. He’s already got great core strength and this was his second time on the bone. All his foundation paid off very well because he’s had absolutely no issues backing up on it, nor putting his paws up on the disc.

Other than that, we went back to a few basics. I’m working on his sit down and stand, as well had to start him over in the blind search since we have neglected that ever since he was about half a year old.

We’ve also went back to picking up crutches. He already knows how to do that but sometimes I like to go back and shape through it again which strengthens the behavior. The retrieve is his strongest behavior anyways, which is very important for me due to my disability.

Some work with Athos from Sandra King on Vimeo.

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