“Look at that Crippled Dog”

I wish people would begin to accept the fact that the German Shepherd Dog is a split breed. That American Showlines, German Showlines and Working lines are not genetically the same dog anymore and no matter how much we complain, how much we bitch at each other and how much we are calling each other names, it won’t change it. Once we start accepting that fact and actually concentrate on our working lines, rather than what the Showpeople do, that’s when we start making progress, because we sure don’t need Showline people to ruin the Working lines! We do a pretty good job at ruining our dogs and don’t need anyone else to do that job for us.

The constant bickering and hatred between all three splits becomes tiresome. You have Working Line people bickering against American and German Showlines, German Showlines against American Showlines, American Showlines vs German and Working lines..and let’s not even start with the “subsplits” of the Working lines: Czech, West German, DDR, Slovakia, Belgian… etc.
What’s going on is downright ridiculous and every year it’s the same. Whether its the BSZS or Westminster it doesn’t matter. The SV is promoting a completely different dog from what Westminster and the AKC promotes. We know the difference in both, we know what to expect, and yet, each year, we are “surprised” again about the so called “Hockwalkers”.

Everyone is loosing their minds about this years Herding “Best in Group” Winner  “Rumor”.

This years dogs at Westminster have actually been surprisingly moderate and I can appreciate the change in the American bred German Shepherd Dog. Even though there are some  Working line people that would very much like to throw a chair at me, I’m going as far as saying that Rumor should have won Best in Show 2016. She truly owned the ring, has a solid temperament, good nerves and is OFA Excellent with Normal Elbows.

There is room for all of us. There is room for German Showlines, American Showlines and our precious Working lines. The interesting thing is that we are not that different from each other. We all love the breed, we are all committed, we are all passionate about our dogs. These chore values should bring us together and not pull us apart.

The split can never be reversed. We are way beyond that.  There will always be a split. So we might as well accept it.

And that is the truth!

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