Life in the North Country

It’s been five years since we moved from Germany to the United States. It’s been a learning experience ever since, trying to adjust to the American way of life. There are so many subtle and not so subtle differences it’s sometimes hard not to crash between cultures.

That being said, adapting is what we do. I’ve adapted. I’ve learned to not just say whats on my mind and sometimes keep things to myself rather than hurt someones feelings because we can be brutally honest, which over here is perceived as incredibly rude.

The biggest differences, however, are in pet ownership. It’s a whole different world and so very different with so many little subcultures. You’ve got Pet Parents, Get Guardians, Rescues, Sports People, Breeders and Working dog people, well meaning but misinformed Backyard Breeders, Backyard Breeders who know what they are doing but just don’t care, Puppy Mills and Pet Stores…. and all you can do is to try your best not to be caught in the middle or get involved in the many fights and battles on a daily basis.

As for life in the North Country, we adapted there too. Temperatures of -30 Celsius is nothing new anymore. We’ve spent enough winters out here that we’ve learned to live with the extreme cold and the masses of snow. People help each other out and luckily we’ve only ever been affected by frozen pipes or power outage once.

The dogs love the weather and especially the snow and even spent their time playing and bouncing around in the deep snow during Blizzards and White Outs. Trying to keep them inside, cooped up all winter long because it’s “too cold” doesn’t work with most Working Lines anyways. They want to be out and about and do stuff, and you better have your Mushers Secret ready and wear good winter gear. 😉

Anyhow. So far life has been good out here and hopefully, we get to spend a few more years. 🙂

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