One year ago, today

I can’t believe that it has been one year that I moved to the United States. 
It’s been one eventful year, with lots of new experiences, doing things I’ve never dreamed of doing and many new experiences to come. I joined the SAR team, we bought the house, fostered 6 dogs, have four Shepherds and now one Malinois… hubby deployed and without the dogs it would be much harder to go through the deployment. Since we don’t have kids, the dogs keep me company and busy. I can’t even imagine what it would be like without them. Not sure if I would have even stayed here or if we had bought the house. We’d probably live on post and I would have went back to Germany to live with my family. I wouldn’t have even made the friends I have. Wouldn’t know my two best friends, Chris and Connie. The only reason we know each other is due to the dogs and I am truly thankful for their friendship and guidance. These two Ladies have made it so easy to settle in.
Since then I made one tripe with my friend Bekah, to NYC to pick up Judge, another one back to Washington Dulles to pick up Nala and will probably make another one for Zorro. 
I’ve got the DEC, the searches I need to go for the Crew Boss, Indra is pretty much ready to certify and we’ve made new contacts with other K9 Handlers to meet up to train. 
Other than that there have been many adventures and I am sure that there are many to come.