Crafty Dogs

While I was away on a night search with the Team, my dogs figured out how to open the fridge. 
We were searching all night long and around 0600 the Subject was located by the Bloodhound Team. It’s a great feeling, being out there, searching and then getting the good news that the Subject is located alive and well. A lost shoe, a couple of scratches but otherwise in good condition. 
Anyhow, I got home around 0745, since I stopped twice to take a short nap, went through the Sunroom and was like “What the…how did they get to that?”. The Sunroom was covered in lunch meat and string cheese packets as well as the watermelon box.
So I let the dogs out and went to the kitchen only to find an open fridge. 
So while I was gone, the dogs had a party and at least they went for the healthy stuff… one packet of lunch meat was left. Oskar Mayer! Now I am not sure if that is supposed to tell us something.
Now I have to figure out how they were able to open the fridge. Maybe it didn’t close right. 
I do suspect Yukon, he’s the one who figured out how to open the food bin and he can close it too. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was him. 

I guess it’s time to childproof the fridge and to protect the beer and car keys.
Barking cats and partying dogs… slowly but thoroughly they are taking over the world. Who knows what else they are up to.