Biking with Indra

In order to build more stamina and endurance I’ve started biking with Indra. It was her very first time and she did not have any problems at all doing and really seems to like it. We went along the Highway and she had no problems with the cars, trucks or choppers either. It was so much fun going biking, however I have to get a new saddle because it looks like that it got damaged during the move.
Once I’ve got a new one I am planning to go on a bike ride regularly. Some people looked at us like we are from the moon but that is okay, as long nobody runs us over I am happy 🙂
Other than that, things are going well. Hopefully we can close on the house soon. Finally the last paperwork went to the VA Mortgage Center and they ordered the appraisal. That should have happened a long time ago, before my husband went into the field…so we probably have to wait another month before we can move in. 
There is a Wide Area Search Training coming up and it’s being held by Homeland Security. Only problem is that I am not an American Citizen and need prior approval to go there. So I gave them a call to find out if I can participate or not. That I am a Greencard Holder a member of a SAR Team in NY and would really like to participate. Let’s see how that is going to work out. 
Tomorrow I am going to meet up with C. to work with Indra. First Obedience, than Swissies, and after that some Pop-Ups and a Blind Search. We will definitely keep working on the basic foundation since that is the most important part and one of the reason why she is where she is. 
However, I am planning to get the CGC on her within the next two months. It’s a prerequisite for the 5 Acre Search Test which is the first Certification of many to come… 🙂