Rushing Judge to the Animal Hospital

After we fed the dogs both, Bekah and me noticed that Judge wasn’t doing so well. He was pacing, seemed off, drinking lots of water, his belly twice as big, bloated, rock-hard, he attempted to throw up in the bed room, wouldn’t go to the bathroom. Everything pointed to a bloat and we rushed to the Animal Hospital.

They immediately took us in, on the way he threw up at least four cups of food, which made me feel better because with a bloat they attempt to throw up but nothing is coming out, still I was worried and expected the worst and already saw him dead.

I was completely freaking out. “Oh my god, how are we going to afford a bloat.” to “We can’t afford to lose him.” flying down the Highway (thank god, no police was around), always checking back… “What is he doing?”, “What is he doing?” and when he finally laid down i was like “Judge, JUDGE.” to check if he’s still alive.

At the Hospital we waited like 5 minutes and the Vet checked him through, took X-rays and when she came back she said “Well, there is a couple of things going on with his belly.” and my heart sank, I really expected the worst.

Turns out, he got into the food. We have no idea how it happened since we always supervise and close the storage room door but somehow he managed to get in there. Half of the 40 pound bag is gone.

Plus, he’s got broken cartilage on his belly, a big egg which I noticed when his belly was leaning to one side. It was three times as big and he was really hurting, whining whenever I touched it.

Thank god, no bloat, no flipping stomach, not twisting, just a puppy that ate more than he can take, which is why he was drinking twice as much, which caused the food to bloat and his belly to expand and leaning to the other side where he’s got really bad bruising which must have happened outside when he was roughhousing with Indra and Yukon.

Boy was I scared. Thank god… and the Animal Hospital was really generous, they only charged us for the X-Rays which was 95 bucks.

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