The things you do for the dogs…

…whew… I just got back from training. It’s around 1AM and I just made it back. 
We went to a trainer around 1hour30minutes away from here. He evaluated the dogs and from next week on we are going to take private lessons for around 8 weeks. Since none of the dogs won’t have the attention span to actually work a full hour completely concentrated we are going to break it down and work all three of the dogs, one after another. So each Thursday I’ll be driving out to finally get the training I was looking for. To learn new techniques, to learn more about the rewards, when to reward, how to reward at the right moment, when yo correct the dog and so on and on and on. We literally break it down and start from scratch. While I do know a lot about positive training you are always learning. You can’t stop educating yourself on how to do it right. Even the worlds best trainers are still in training. 
So yeah, it’s definitely going to be long and late nights on Thursdays. Wednesdays I am planning to go to the Schutzhund Club as much as possible. The thing is, it’s over two hours of a drive and it takes even longer to get there then to the personal trainer and I am not even talking about the money thats going to be involved. Schutzhund training is expensive in the US. I can’t even comprehend the fact of how expensive it is. In Germany it’s nowhere near that expensive. You pay your 20 dollar club membership per year and thats it and I am not going there to specifically get them trained in Schutzhund. Right now, the most important thing for me is a rock-solid foundation. There is nothing more solid then Schutzhund Obedience and that’s what I am shooting for. 
Anyhow… it’s getting late and it’s going to be a long day tomorrow. I better go to bed. The dogs are already knocked out. Yukon is dreaming, I bet he’s chasing down bunnies. 🙂