Look what I found today

I was outside shoveling snow and had the dogs with me. After a while Indra started to bark at something. I turned around and saw this dog running down our road. He still had a leash and a metal stick attached to it, on him. It was a gorgeous Shorthair Pointer that got loose.
He ran all the way down to the end of the road and returned. I put the dogs back inside and walked to the T-Section. I figured that he couldn’t have gotten very far. I called out to him “Come here, boy!” and he stopped. He turned around and looked at me for quite a while. I went down into my knees and lured him with a calm voice. He went for it and walked towards me.

What a gorgeous dog I thought, who would tie him up outside in the cold like that, he doesn’t have the undercoat German Shepherds have.

I grabbed his leash and brought him home. He was shivering like crazy and was freezing really bad.
It was quite interesting to get him into our house since I had three dogs waiting at the door to welcome the newbie. I was concerned about Zenzy and did not know how she’d take it. She’s not the friendliest dog when it comes up to strange dogs but she was surprisingly nice and did not want to eat him right away.

I put him into the crate and fed him.
Then I went online to find out what to do. When I got the tip to contact SPCA I did that and I sent an email to the newspaper and Chris(from “Dogs for Defense K-9”) put him on craigslist.
I also went from neighbor to neighbor to ask around if anyone knew that dog and they told me that they’ve seen him a couple of times and would ask around.

Later on I was picked up by Chris, she wanted to lead me around the town and show me places. She actually took care of Yukon while I was still in Germany and I really have to thank her for that. She did a great job and both, Chris and her friend Jess help so much to get me settled right in and it helps to have two friends like that!
Anyhow, apparently that is when his owner came by my neighbor and asked if somebody had seen his dog. He’d probably have a rope and the metalstick still attached to him.

Lucky him that he got picked up by somebody. People speed around here like crazy, thank god he didn’t get run over by a car.

So tomorrow his owner is coming by to pick him up. He must have ran quite a few miles and who knows how long he’s been out there.
Hopefully this will be a lesson for his owner. Even if out stake them out there just to potty, just don’t leave them alone! Don’t let them roam the neighborhood by themselve, always “supervise” your dogs. Whenever I let mine out I am actually with them. There is no way that I’d let them run around without my supervision and roam the neighborhood. I could never forgive myself if they’d take off and get run over, or worse, picked up by somebody and getting sold or killed by a farmer who thinks they’d attacking his life-stock.