"Sit" – What is it good for

The following video shows how much easier it is to go through a door or into a house when the dogs know basic obedience. Usually I make them sit in front of the door, then I open the door, let them walk through and have them sit so I can take off the leash. Then they walk up the stairs by themselves and have to sit right in front of our apartment door too.
They also have to listen from the distance. Another thing that is important to me is to be able to single out the dogs.

Some trainers don’t like when you use the name in front of the command (Indra sit!)but I do it anyway. Especially on hikes it comes in handy and with three dogs it’s so much easier when they will listen not only to the command itself but when you can single out each dog and make them do whatever you want.

As you can see, it’s nothing special. It’s basic obedience and the command “Sit” is something every dog should know.

It’s the easiest command to teach and the reward in this case is the door. If they horse & goof around all you have to do is to wait. In the beginning they didn’t want to sit either. But I practiced every day and sometimes I had to wait a couple of minutes before I could open the door. One dog alone is not a problem at all but all three of them together… they work each other up. Especially when we are on the way out. They are so excited that all they want is to get out the door. Use that! Make them obey a command before they get out the door, the door itself and to get out is the reward and I guarantee you, it will make life much easier to have dogs that patiently sit at the door because (if you live in an apartment complex like me) you never know if the front door downstairs is open or not.